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Working From Home is The New “Future”

Working From Home is The New “Future”

Working from home is now really picking up momentum and gaining in popularity.  Analysts predict by the end of this decade or even sooner 1 in 4 people will work from home. Not necessarily doing a Home Business (MLM) but being at home a creating a income. Creating a residual income is without doubt the best and most secure way of working from home.

pic of successGetting paid month after month for the work done previously is very rewarding and gives you a good financial stability.

So I have a question for you…

Do you want to build a long term, profitable network marketing business? Then have the winning mindset of network marketing and you’ll do just that.

Too many people get in this industry and expect the business to build itself or have someone else build it for them. That’s why they quit. Nobody ever fails in MLM, they quit.

If network marketing works for so many people then it will definitely work for you… only if you have a clear vision of what you want and have the winning mindset.

The Mindset Of A Winner

1. It Takes Time To Build A Successful Network Marketing Business
Long-term residual is just that… long. True, just about every MLM company has immediate income opportunities in the form of bonuses and referral fees, but the true leverage of residual income will take time.

This is not a get rich quick scheme but rather get filthy rich in 12-36 months. People are too impatient to let this happen. If they really put effort into building their business then it’s close to impossible not to generate multiple 5-figure months within their first 3 years.

However, they think working at their job and getting a 3% raise each year is more lucrative. Keep in mind that if you don’t make any money at all in your first few months, that’s normal. At first you will do a lot of work you won’t get paid for but then you’ll get paid for a lot more work that you’ll never do.

2. This Is Your Business and Not Your Upline’s
Every aspect of the business including your failures and successes all start and end with you. Everything depends on you putting forth your best effort to succeed. Quit crying and complaining that your upline never calls you.

I agree that they should work closely with you at the beginning but after sometime you should have received all the training and techniques to build your downline. Even if your sponsor vanished into thin air after you paid your enrollment fee, you have to remember that you are an entrepreneur.

Employees and followers wait to be told what to do and how to fix problems. Entrepreneurs find solution to their problems and make it happen. There are plenty of ways to get the training you need from within your company or on the Internet.

Besides, if you want your sponsor to call you because you are having trouble, what would expect them to say for you to start producing? Do you think they have magical powers and when you talk with them you’re automatically going to be a top earner in your company?

Seriously, how hard is it to ask people if they’re open to generate extra income and then send them to your company’s presentation?

3. Don’t Blow Your Money
There are two most common ways network marketers waste their money. First, they continue to buy advertising that doesn’t work. The general rule of advertising is to start small and split test. If it’s profitable then scale up until you bleed that source dry and then move on. If it’s not profitable then spend your advertising dollars elsewhere.

I know, pretty common sense but yet so many distributors don’t get it. Secondly, they buy tools and training just to buy them. This takes away focus from performing income producing activities.

Buy tools that are proven to work to generate profits and only buy training in areas that you need it most.

4. Focus On Other People’s Problems
If you recruit just for the sake of recruiting and you don’t establish their wants, needs, and desires… then you’ll never know the emotional trigger to turn the rep into a recruiting machine.

Focus on them and build them into leaders. This business is a lot more fun when you help others succeed and deliver on the promises you gave them during the recruiting process.

Building leaders creates a winning culture which in turn creates a large organization for you to enjoy your time and financial rewards.

5. Enjoy The Journey
People who love what they do will always out perform those who don’t. If you work with low energy and a piss poor attitude, expect your entire team to do so as well.

Ask any successful network marketer and they’ll tell you that their team goes as they do. When they are in the abundance mindset and generating volume, so does their team. The same goes when they lose focus and energy… their team does as well.

The Winning Mindset Formula
Network marketing is a business that appreciates in value over time. The more people you have under you buying and distributing product, the more money you make.

However this takes time and it’s critical to understand this to survive the first 6 months. Also, when things go wrong and your sponsor doesn’t live up to his responsibility then don’t pout with a puffed bottom lip… find a way to become a top producer. Spend your money wisely.

Most people quit because they run out of cash flow the first 3-6 months because they spend their money foolishly. Break even as fast as possible and then test more ways to generate business while you’re in profit mode.

Finally, help others get what they want and you will experience a feeling of gratification like no other. This will certainly help you enjoy your journey to an amazing life… only if… you have the winning mindset of network marketing.

Being rich is having money, being wealthy is having time, and being a network marketer is having both!

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